April 30, 2021


May 31, 2021

(11:59 PM Eastern)

Key information

What can I submit?

  • You can submit a free text (e.g. long abstract or summary style) that should fit onto one A4 page (11pt Arial, 1pt line-spacing)

  • The submission can include one figure and caption on a separate page (=2 pages)

  • References and other statements should be put on a separate last page and may take up as much space as needed!

  • You should remove any identifying information from your submission! (we will ask reviewers NOT to reverse look up your work in case it is already (pre-)printed)

Already have a poster?

You can submit your poster instead of the long abstract above. Mind that:

  • You should only upload the poster (no additional PDFs)

  • You should anonymize your poster!

  • You can still submit a "camera ready" version once we notify you of acceptance.

Can I review submissions?

Yes! We are looking for helping hands (all levels of seniority) in reviewing submissions. If you submit something yourself, please make sure to disclose this in our reviewer form!

What's the reviewing process?

We aim at having 3-4 people look at each submission and simply approve or reject (no comment).

Can I attend without submitting?

Yes! The special session is open to anyone participating in ISMB/ECCB 2021.

I have questions!

Contact us at: representation <AT>

What's the topic?

The purpose of this session is general representation learning in biology. To have an idea of the things we will cover, have a look at the schedule.

Will my submission be made public?

No. We will only share your camera-ready poster. The camera-ready poster may be submitted at a later moment.

Is there a cost associated to the submission?

While submitting is free, if you are selected for a poster or a talk, you'll have to purchase a ISMB/ECCB 2021 ticket in order to attend the special session.

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